19Dec 2018

It’s that time of year again — when so many of us are dragged kicking and screaming into summarizing the year, rating employees and writing a mini version of War and Peace for every direct report. No wonder why performance management has such a bad rep! But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if the reason […]

14Dec 2018

The transition to value-based care, health tech like artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the emergence of private insurance models will be some of the biggest changes to how the healthcare industry operates, according to Forbes. Forbes has issued predictions regarding changes to the healthcare industry for the past 10 years. Analysts at the publication […]

03Dec 2018

Unlikely brands are switching to subscription services and flaunting their personalities to reach modern consumers who have less disposable income but are inclined to purchase more than previous generations. Speaking at an event in Sydney last week, The One Centre CEO John Ford noted the marketing strategies of Mercedes-Benz and smaller players like Korean eyewear label […]

23Nov 2018

Bank Indonesia (BI) constantly implements a monetary operations strategy oriented towards maintaining adequate liquidity in the rupiah market and foreign exchange market. BI will also effectively commence the Domestic Non-Deliverable Forwards (DNDF) on Nov 1, 2018, BI Executive Director for Communications Agusman said in a statement received here on Saturday. BI is always strengthening policy […]

16Nov 2018

Seven common pitfalls trip up leadership teams. Great companies manage to create more value than the sum of their parts. Yet most struggle to select the right assets and operate them in the right way. Bain & Company research shows that just 1 in 11 companies outperform their market over a 10-year period. The rest […]