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Institutional investors — private equity firms, hedge funds, and venture capitalists — have quietly injected funds into the healthcare industry over the past five years to drive change, and interest in the sector will continue to grow over the next five years, according to a report from McKinsey & Company. Here are five key takeaways from the […]

Why do you think products with cheaper price don’t necessarily earn the highest sales? If the product’s message & intention is clear, it’s impossible not to earn your market’s attention. Hence, communication is your key. Heru Prabowo, who’s worked in Unilever for over 16 years, will be coaching us on his secrets to creating a […]

If good reviews are such an important factor to the off and online productivity of a hospitality business, how do you get them?  Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to a five-star hospitality business. 1. Genuinely provide an excellent service. No amount of fake reviews or competitor character assassination will reverse […]

Established FMCG brands could wrest the initiative from their start-up competitors by taking them over and then letting them run their companies. For a long time, FMCG was seen as the spiritual home of modern marketing. Companies such as Coca-Cola owned the most successful brands in the world and were a model for how to […]

For many organisations, the departure of a high-profile leader can leave a void which is difficult to fill. On Monday last week, Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, announced that he plans to step down in a year’s time and hand over to current Group CEO Daniel Zhang. When the departure of a high-profile […]

Zebra Technologies Corporation inovator yang mendukung perusahaan skala enterprise mengumumkan spesialisasi vertikal bagi para penyedia teknologi layanan kesehatan di Amerika Utara, Amerika Latin dan beberapa negara di Asia Pasifik. Program Spesialisasi Layanan Kesehatan baru ini dikembangkan sebagai komponen strategis dari Program PartnerConect  Zebra. Program ini juga memberi para anggota yang kompeten dengan diferensiasi dan keunggulan kompetitif yang […]

Why effective talent management matters According to the survey responses, there is a significant relationship between talent management—when done well—and organizational performance. Only 5 percent of respondents say their organizations’ talent management has been very effective at improving company performance. But those that do are much more likely to say they outperform their competitors: 99 […]

The fee-for-service healthcare payment model is broken, according to the CEO of a medical group. The better model, and the path to better patient care, he says, is value-based care. Moving to value-based healthcare requires passion and investment in technology and staff, but the Hatfield Medical Group believes the move, which leads to better patient […]

Perusahaan investasi sektor kesehatan yang berbasis di Singapura, TE Asia Healthcare, berencana menambah portofolio bisnisnya di Indonesia dengan mengembangkan pusat pelayanan kanker terintegrasi di Jakarta dan Semarang dengan total perkiraan nilai investasi mencapai US$20 juta. Dalam tiga tahun ke depan, anak perusahaan Texas Pacific Group (TPG) Capital tersebut berencana menambah layanan dari 7 pusat pelayanan […]

Many organizations overlook community relations as a viable marketing strategy – after all, it demands a good deal of time, resources, and manpower, and doesn’t always bring in an immediate return. In the long run, however, getting involved in the community can be a huge profit to your reputation. Regular participation improves brand awareness, displays […]