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For some reason, popular perception has it that millennials are particularly brand averse. In fact, the opposite is true: Millennials are more likely than any other demographic to be brand loyal. But millennials don’t choose which brands to be loyal to at random; instead, they are highly attuned to the story that a brand tells, as […]

Indonesia akan mengikuti Korea Selatan, Amerika, Jepang dan Tiongkok untuk menggunakan jaringan 5G bersifat komersial. Direktur Jenderal (Dirjen) Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika (SDPPI) Ismail menyatakan Jepang dan Korea mulai memakai jaringan 5G komersial pada 2019. “Tentu kita akan menyusul tidak jauh-jauh dari waktu itu,” katanya seusai peluncuran perangkat lunak […]

The online world is filled with articles and posts about Digital Disruption (the symptom) and the prescribed cure, Digital Transformation (the magic elixir). The symptom:  In a new AIIM survey, 53 percent of organizations say they are concerned about a serious disruption of their business model in the next two years. The magic elixir:  Eighty-one percent of organizations […]

It is better to avoid making claims about your healthcare product with a thoughtful marketing plan that includes tight controls and review processes. As more healthcare incomes are in the hands of patient consumers, many marketers are engaging patients with new, creative, and sometimes aggressive, campaigns. While there are many benefits to speaking directly to […]

At the law firm Allen & Overy, the idea of replacing traditional, annual performance appraisals with a technology-enabled continuous feedback system did not come from human resources. It came from a leader within the practice. Wanting something that encouraged more-frequent conversations between associates and partners, the senior lawyer read about what companies like Adobe were […]

Information technology has been a boon to the healthcare sector. For instance, a noteworthy progression that IT has provided to hospitals is the evolution of electronic medical records (EMR). This innovation facilitates the transformation of medical information into a single database which allows healthcare providers to access significant patient information such as medical history, medications, […]

Warehouse logistics represents a big and complex piece of the supply chain puzzle in and of itself. With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of tracking and receiving of merchandise, storage, and inventory issues, handling your own warehousing has become more difficult and expensive. And if it’s not already your forte, as is the reality for most […]

Logistic costs in Indonesia are higher than those in other countries. Committee for Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery (KPPIP) chairman Wahyu Utomo said 72 percent of logistic costs went to transportation. Citing data from the Logistic Report Index 2016 by the World Bank, Wahyu said Indonesia was in 63rd position out of 160 countries in the […]

McDonald’s Joins the “Masters” Category as it joins others in embracing “digitization”. Gartner, Inc.’s annual Supply Chain Executive Conference held last week in Phoenix, AZ provided the platform for the release of its Supply Chain Top 25, which identifies industry “best practices.” Unilever scored the top spot for the third year in a row, followed by […]

Kementerian Perhubungan memastikan empat pelabuhan utama bakal menerapkan sistem pemesanan pengiriman secara elektronik atau delivery order online (DO Online). Pengurusan dokumen secara elektronik akan membuat layanan kepelabuhan menjadi efisien dan transaparan. Direktur Lalu Lintas dan Angkutan Laut, Chandra Irawan mengatakan empat pelabuhan utama yang akan menerapkan DO Online mulai besok yakni Pelabuhan Belawan, Pelabuhan Tanjung […]