How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in the Workplace

One of the most important things in running a good business is to keep your employees happy, making them feel they are truly a key part of the business. Employees…

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Here’s how to successfully start and run multiple businesses in different industries

  This article is written by Haris Chaudhry and originally posted on anthillonline.com. Founding a new business is akin to starting a family – it’s great thinking about it, almost…


4 Cara Membangun Kepercayaan dengan Konten Autentik

Saat membicarakan branding, sekarang ini kita banyak mendengar dengungan kata kunci “Asli”, “Autentik” atau “Authentic“. Tetapi, apa sebenarnya maksud kata tersebut? Bagaimana brand Anda dapat menjadi autentik, terutama pada content marketing-nya? Arti autentik yang…

Fixing Cash Flow

Memperbaiki Keuangan Usai Lebaran

Berkumpul bersama keluarga besar pada Hari Raya Idul Fitri memang sangat menyenangkan. Berbagai persiapan dilakukan sedari jauh hari untuk merayakan sebuah kemenangan. Namun, ketika Lebaran telah usai, terasa perubahan yang signifikan….

Commodifying Personal Brand

Commodifying Your Knowledge For Scalable Personal Branding Impact

What kind of edge does specialist-level know-how give you in the workplace today? In the age of nearly instant and virtually limitless content discovery, it’s gotten more complicated. Today we’re…


Eid Mubarak 1438H

Dear Valued Clients, Partners and Business Owners, In celebration of this year’s Eid Mubarak holiday, our company will be temporarily close its business hours on 23 – 30 June 2017….

Ramadan Shopping in Indonesia

How to saving cash ahead of Eid al-Fitr

Ramadan awash with deals, but you still need to do your homework before whipping out your wallet Over the course of the holy month of Ramadan, we’ve been working hard…

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A checklist for brands to do during Ramadan

Ramadan is a significant month for brands to communicate to their target audience, in a way which would not be hard selling but where they give back to the community….

Ramadan Mubarak Sale

Top tips for selling during Ramadan

Businesses can launch offers, plan ahead to make the quiet season pay. Planning ahead, brainstorming ideas, staging discount sales and networking – these are just some of the ways in…


Four online shopping tips for Ramadan

With Ramadan fast approaching, shoppers may start to look for new clothes, accessories or other necessities to use during Idul Fitri. If conventional shopping feels like a hassle, online shopping could…