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Bank Indonesia (BI) constantly implements a monetary operations strategy oriented towards maintaining adequate liquidity in the rupiah market and foreign exchange market. BI will also effectively commence the Domestic Non-Deliverable Forwards (DNDF) on Nov 1, 2018, BI Executive Director for Communications Agusman said in a statement received here on Saturday. BI is always strengthening policy […]

Whether it’s sales decks or product updates, a presentation tells a business’s story, but without a strategy in place, they could become a time-consuming and possibly legal mess. Every day, businesses are on the lookout for better ways to boost productivity, so they can grow their bottom line without sacrificing compliance. A forward-thinking company must […]

It is better to avoid making claims about your healthcare product with a thoughtful marketing plan that includes tight controls and review processes. As more healthcare incomes are in the hands of patient consumers, many marketers are engaging patients with new, creative, and sometimes aggressive, campaigns. While there are many benefits to speaking directly to […]

Warehouse logistics represents a big and complex piece of the supply chain puzzle in and of itself. With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of tracking and receiving of merchandise, storage, and inventory issues, handling your own warehousing has become more difficult and expensive. And if it’s not already your forte, as is the reality for most […]

Logistic costs in Indonesia are higher than those in other countries. Committee for Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery (KPPIP) chairman Wahyu Utomo said 72 percent of logistic costs went to transportation. Citing data from the Logistic Report Index 2016 by the World Bank, Wahyu said Indonesia was in 63rd position out of 160 countries in the […]

Dapatkah anda bayangkan apa yang akan terjadi jika jaringan online perbankan, dengan ribuan transaksi tiap menitnya tiba-tiba terhenti? Atau apa akibat yang akan terjadi, jika gedung data center Lazada mengalami kebakaran? Hampir seluruh organisasi sekarang ini, memiliki rangkaian proses bisnis yang ditunjang oleh Teknologi Informasi (TI), dengan tujuan menciptakan mekanisme kerja yang efektif dan efisien. Mekanisme kerja yang diharapkan, […]

Taking risks is difficult to do, especially when its the future of your business on the line. But to move your business forward, you must embrace risk and learn to calculate it. In this blog post, we explore the fundamental skills required to make a calculated business risk. 13 percent of businesses lead their business […]