Pajak Siaga Satu

Pajak Siaga Satu

Kementerian Keuangan memiliki tugas berat di bidang pendapatan negara pada akhir tahun ini, setelah realisasi penerimaan pajak pada September tercatat Rp770,0 triliun atau baru 60% dari target. Pemerintah dalam Anggaran…

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5 tips for brilliant bookkeeping

If it’s your goal to grow a thriving business, it’s vital to have a safe pair of hands handling the accounts. Inaccurate bookkeeping can harm your business and can even…


What CPAs Need to Know on Blockchain

By strict definition, blockchain is a global digital ledger of economic transactions that is transparent, continually updated by countless users, and considered by many as almost impossible to corrupt or…

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The Financial Planning Pyramid

 The basic rule of the pyramid is to start from the bottom and move up, rather than attempting to address all aspects of it at once It’s often said that…

Fixing Cash Flow

Memperbaiki Keuangan Usai Lebaran

Berkumpul bersama keluarga besar pada Hari Raya Idul Fitri memang sangat menyenangkan. Berbagai persiapan dilakukan sedari jauh hari untuk merayakan sebuah kemenangan. Namun, ketika Lebaran telah usai, terasa perubahan yang signifikan….

Ramadan Mubarak Sale

Top tips for selling during Ramadan

Businesses can launch offers, plan ahead to make the quiet season pay. Planning ahead, brainstorming ideas, staging discount sales and networking – these are just some of the ways in…


Four online shopping tips for Ramadan

With Ramadan fast approaching, shoppers may start to look for new clothes, accessories or other necessities to use during Idul Fitri. If conventional shopping feels like a hassle, online shopping could…


Boosting Productivity And Improving Workers’ Well-Being In Ramadan

While previous studies often failed to find a justification for the declining productivity rates during Ramadan, there is no denying the fact that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market is…

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How to ensure your F&B outlet thrives during Ramadan

During Ramadan the loss of daytime business can have a huge impact on revenue and affect an operation’s bottom line, says Glee Hospitality Solutions managing director Abdul Kader Saadi. It…


Top questions to raising funding for startups

Startups that already set previous records, like Go-Jek and Tokopedia, continued to raise impressive boosts in capital, as the funding gap between top players and the mid-field is widening. In…