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Ship movement planning. A constant level of operation is important for a port, it means workers and equipment don’t sit ideal and avoids rush periods where ships get backed up and can’t be efficiently loaded/unloaded. The most important way to balance the port busyness is to effectively schedule vessels. Ship movement planning in turn also helps […]

The U.S. supply chain is generally recognized as an integral part of the American economy. From Intel’s semiconductors to Microsoft’s enterprise software, the supply chain builds the goods and services that businesses need. But for all of its importance, no one has identified what industries comprise the U.S. supply chain economy, quantified the number and […]

If you are looking to upgrade your shipping logistics management, digital freight forwarding might be the best solution. Disruption of existing freight forwarding businesses by digital rivals comes in many forms. Some of the interlopers offer cloud-based e-forwarding services, or use models built on analysing rates and data and selling information. Others provide sales platforms, […]

Peningkatan aktivitas perdagangan elektronik (e-commerce) di sisi lain mendorong perkembangan sektor logistik. Inefesiensi logistik masih menjadi hambatan utama Indonesia dalam menghadapi perdagangan global, termasuk di era digital saat ini. Pasalnya, rasio logistik Indonesia terhadap Produk Domestik Bruto (PDB) masih jauh lebih tinggi dibanding negara lain. Data Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian menunjukan bahwa rasio logistik Indonesia […]